Cancer – Helping you with Cancer Misdiagnoses Claims

Our medical negligence lawyers act throughout England and Wales for clients with misdiagnosed cancer, whose doctors failed to diagnose the disease properly or there was a delay in the diagnosis.

A failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis of cancer robs you of your ability to fight the disease in its earliest stages when it is most responsive to treatment. This can make a significant difference in the patient’s outcome.

Some forms of cancer can spread to other areas of the body, including vital organs and the brain. After cancer has spread, the patient’s chance of survival is much worse. Advanced cases of metastatic cancer can be inoperable.

If your doctor failed to diagnose cancer or misdiagnosed it as another condition, our medical negligence lawyers will pursue financial compensation for your losses. We have decades of experience acting on behalf of patients with many different types of cancer, to help them get cancer claims for the following:

  • Breast cancer claims
  • Cervical cancer claims
  • Bowel cancer claims
  • Stomach cancer claims
  • Lung cancer claims (and mesothelioma cancer claims)

Our medical negligence specialists will listen carefully to what has happened.  If we believe you have a valid medical cancer negligence claim, we will obtain your medical records and instruct one or more medical experts in the appropriate field of medicine to review them. For example, if your general practitioner misdiagnosed your cancer, we will have another GP review your records looking for evidence of cancer diagnosis negligence. Then we may ask an oncologist to assess whether a correct and timely diagnosis of cancer would have made a difference in the patient’s outcome.

In addition to acting for patients, we also act on behalf of the family members of patients who have died due to cancer negligence.

Our medical negligence solicitors are highly experienced in this specialist field and manage complex issues for our clients with the utmost compassion, care and understanding.

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